Tu parles!2 is the continuation of Tu parles!1. It builds on Gr. 9 Core French resource and further develops the Fr. language skills of Gr. 10 students...

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Audio CD Package Audio CD Package 978-1-77200-067-2 $199.95 Add to Cart
Tu Parles!2 Student Textbook Tu Parles!2 Student Textbook 978-1-77200-063-4 $64.95 Add to Cart
Tu parles!2 Student's Resource Tu parles!2 Student's Resource $2,400.00 student licence Add to Cart
Tu parles!2 Teacher Resource Tu parles!2 Teacher Resource 978-1-77200-064-1 $249.00 Add to Cart

Level 8

Audio CD Audio CD 978-1-77200-067-2 $199.95 Add to Cart