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Je lis, je lis littératie!

K–4 Comprehensive LEVELLED Reading Program for French Immersion. Also available ONLINE!
150 precisely LEVELLED Readers that promote student metacognition with JE PEUX statements in line with the CEFR reading strategies success criteria.

Je lis, Je lis, littératie! Readers complement the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) current reading strategies and student-friendly success criteria.
We offer fiction Readers paired with non-fiction Readers, thematically linked by level.
Multiple Reading and Discussion related to sociolinguistic learning opportunities that encourage Canadian Francophone culture, multi-culturalism and First Nations, Métis and Inuit awareness.
High Frequency words, sounds, blends and word families are highlighted in the inside front cover.
Multiple opportunities to pose inquiry and literacy based questions with our Canadian Beaver within each reader!
Multiple opportunities to support thoughtful discussion and reflection before, during and after reading within each reader!
CEFR metacognition including “JE PEUX” statements are found inside the back cover
Online opportunities to self/teacher/parent monitor reading progress. The student will receive special recognition upon completion of each level!
Designed specifically for the FI market
Contemporary graphics
Our market research shows that Je lis are the readers kids want to read!
Developed by current French Immersion teachers using language adapted from their classrooms


150 NEWLY produced readers with...
  • Guided Reading Level (GRL) on inside front cover
  • Current graphics
  • Canadian culture
  • Aboriginal inclusion
  • Canadian beaver for teacher prompts

On the inside front cover of each reader there is...
  • Text type
  • Integration of subjects
  • Language structure
  • High frequency words
  • Sounds
  • Discussion questions
On the inside back cover, each reader follows the CEFR metacognition

Each reader has its own teacher resource and reproducible/downloadable extension exercises
The Benchmark Kit with...
  • Specific test readers (readers that are different from the set)
  • Running records
  • Comprehension exercises

Specifically levelled (GB+ and FP criteria)
Girl with headphones

Online... Listen and read along and get rewarded for your progress!
Je lis, je lis littératie! ONLINE

  • Collaborative platform for any home-student-school communication
  • First only management system for teachers
  • Affords teachers the flexibility of creating your own online leveled reading groups by dividing your classes into smaller class groups
  • Perfect for homework or Daily-5/CAFE Listening/Reading centres!

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