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CEFR, A Guide for Canadian Educators

A uniquely Canadian CEFR professional reference

CEFR, A Guide for Canadian Educators

This CEFR guide is essential for teachers, administrators, and parents who want to understand how French-as-a-second-language is taught and learned

  •  Teachers can assess students’ language level against internationally recognized levels and provide parents with meaningful reporting that describes what a student can do with the language.
  • Administrators can develop evaluation instruments to measure students’ language acquisition and to compare students’ levels with other learners within and across school boards, provinces, and countries.
  • Parents can know what their child can do with their language learning in a positive and easy-to-understand format.

CEFR in Action Video

The CEFR in Action Video offers our three expert panelists, Dr. Laura Hermans, Dr. Enrica Piccardo, and Dr. Shelley Taylor discussing and providing valuable insight into how to successfully incorporate the CEFR into the Canadian FSL classroom. Watch the authentic classroom lessons and then listen to the panel discuss the strategies used and evaluate their effectiveness.

The CEFR in Action:
Scenarios for an Action-Oriented Classroom (Levels A1 & A2)

The CEFR in Action:
Scenarios for an Action-Oriented Classroom (Levels B1 & B2)

Take the guesswork out of incorporating the principles of the CEFR into your teaching with authentic scenarios.

The CEFR in Action: Scenarios for an Action-Oriented Classroom (Levels A1 & A2 and B1 & B2) complement the Guide for Canadian Educators with sound pedagogic and methodological guidance.

These guides support teachers in the challenging but exciting task of implementing the CEFR philosophy with easy-to-use scenarios and tasks.

The scenarios can be used extensively with different target groups and within different proficiency levels while incorporating can-do statement strategies.

Each resource is arranged in modules:

  • 6 modules for each level (A1, A2, B1, B2)
  • Each module offers a choice of three different tasks
  • Each module provides a variety of assessment tools (rubrics, self-assessment sheets, reflection sheets) to be used at different stages of the learning process
  • Key elements required for an action-oriented task are clearly outlined and modeled
  • Clustered can-do statements are provided for the target level and strategies for scaffolding

Also included:

  • Visual prompts
  • Student Task Cards
  • Student Planning Sheets
  • Student Reflection Sheets

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