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Club mystère

Club mystère

The LEADER in French as a Second Language Learning

It’s time to animate your classroom with mystery movies and motivate your students in authentic talk!
Complete Online Version Now Available!

Interactive inquiry-based series

Club mystère is an interactive inquiry-based series that combines the best strategies and techniques in second-language learning. Club mystère uses animated detectives across Canada to hunt for clues… Students follow Luc Têtu, his fellow detectives, and his detective dog Hugo as they find clues to solve the mysteries.

Club mystère …

  • Offers a ‘bite-sized’ approach to developmental learning
  • Emphasizes oral language within balanced literacy
  • Uses a critical thinking model adapted specifically for second language learning
  • Explores francophone culture in an authentic format through the adventures of our detectives

Unlock the mysteries of student motivation and success in the Grades 4-6 Core French classroom

The animations stimulate student engagement, modeling of language, and motivate students in authentic talk
The interactive games and exercises provide 21st century learners with enrichment activities and reinforce learning in a fun way
Full-colour Anthologies / Student Editions of reading selections integrate Francophone culture and offer a variety of texts and genres

Levels 1, 2 & 3

In every level there are four units, each containing 2 or 3 mystery cases. Each mystery case includes:

Animated clips and games
Reproducible and interactive Student Detective Sheets (workbook/cahier)
Songs and listening activities
Reproducible and interactive visual cards, strategy cards and sentence cards.
My Language Portfolio available in French and English in consumable or reproducible formats
Full colour Anthology / Student Edition of reading selections
Comprehensive lesson plans
Teacher Observation Sheets, Assessment Resources, and other support materials

Also available:

  • Hugo the character puppet

Club mystère now in easy-to-use Online Format.


Print resources remain available until stock is depleted.


This brand-new online resource contains all the resources, digital books, teacher resources, audio files, video animations and much more!

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