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Je lis, je lis, littératie ! Avancé

Je lis Avancé

The LEADER in French as a Second Language Learning

30 New Engaging, High-interest Narrative and Informative Books
For French Immersion students in the Experienced reading stage
Opportunities for comprehension, vocabulary instruction, and higher-level synthesizing of literary and informational texts
Teacher support including comprehension, vocabulary-building, reading, writing, and assessment strategies
E-book versions with audio will be added to Je lis, je lis, littératie ! Online

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Mystère à la vieille mine

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Travail d'équipe audacieux

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Supplementary Oral Communication Resource

For Students in Grades 9–12 Core French (Grades 10–12 in BC)

Written specifically for core french high school students to enhance their Oral Communication skills

Strengths of the resource:

  • Intended to create conversations, saynètes and discussions
  • Intended to help students create dialogues and monologues without
    writing any text
  • Based on appropriate strategies to help students gain confidence
  • Designed to help students speak in a spontaneous fashion
  • Step-by-step approach to preparing an oral dialogue with a partner
  • Steps are broken down into before, during and after speaking
  • Ideal for students who really want to learn to speak French


1 set of 45 cards
1 Teacher Guide

The Cards

  • Three levels of cards, based on degree of difficulty
  • Contain topics for dialogues and monologues
  • Scaffolding questions for students who require additional support
  • Designed to assess students’ level of oral comprehension

The Teacher Guide

  • Checklists for students to use as they prepare their oral task
  • Suggestions to help students develop good speaking strategies
  • Checklists can be used to help students improve their speaking abilities

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