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Je lis, je lis !
Online Readers

Je lis, je lis! Online Readers

The LEADER in French as a Second Language Learning

Eliminate the need to send physical french books home with students and evaluate reading fluency, from virtually anywhere!

Je lis, je lis ! Online Readers

Words highlight as the audio plays

In all of the online readers, words highlight as the audio plays and include a speed control slider, as well as an extra information icon. There is an exclamation point icon on each reader in the teacher site. When teachers select the exclamation point icon, a beaver character appears offering during reading discussion and comprehension questions promoting making connections, inquiry provocation, and critical thinking.

Monitor students’ reading progress

The online also functions as a learning management system offering the opportunity for teachers to monitor students’ reading progress. Teachers can select texts personalized to their class, or individual student needs. Teacher can also award badges for reading progress to promote positive reinforcement.


Record feedback, think-alouds and modelled reading

Both students and teachers have the ability to record themselves reading a text. Students can send their recordings to the teacher for evaluation and teachers can record themselves with feedback, think-alouds and modelled reading.


Two Types of Licences for
Je lis, je lis ! Online

Basic Licence

Online French Books:

  • 206 readers appropriate for shared, guided, and independent reading
  • Online audio levelled reading
  • Students listen and read along to stories and get rewarded for their progress
  • Audio playback speed control
  • Students hear and learn proper pronunciation of French words

Audio Recording Tool:

  • Ideal for remote and in-person teaching and evaluation
  • Enables students to record their voices reading texts aloud independently in class, or from home
  • Students can easily record their reading and submit to their teacher for evaluation

Classroom Management:

  • Classroom Management tool to assign readers, track student progress, and provide feedback

Teacher Guides:

  • Provides Before, During and After-Reading activities
  • Includes teacher prompts for Comprehension Questions, Key Vocabulary, High-Frequency Words, and Cross-Curricular Connections
  • A printable running record evaluation for each book
Premium Licence

Has everything included with a Basic licence

Benchmark Kits: sixty (60) additional unseen readers/extracts reserved for assessment and evaluation

Reinforcement Exercises: 400+ reproducible pages

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