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Le concours extreme

ISBN: 978-1-926809-31-1 Format: Projectable CD (Grade 6-8) Program: Trésor Junior
Students can watch AND listen to the story of Daniel and his friend Shayan in their quest to win, projected in large size on the classroom SMARTBOARD!
An easy way to follow Daniel and his friend Shayan in their quest to win! They persuade their parents to allow them to participate in a summer contest involving extreme sports, taking place in various parts of British Columbia . They are doing well, but then Daniel twists a leg muscle while he is mountain biking and is unable to take part in the final event. Jamill, Shayan's sister replaces Daniel in the final event and the three friends end up winning the contest! 

As part of the Trésor Reader Plus, the story is somewhat more challenging and serves as a great bridge to the Senior Trésor series.