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RK Publishing’s raison d’être is to promote French as a Second Language literacy and bilingualism for Grades K-12 students.

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Learning French as a Second Language is easy with RK Publishing resources

RK Publishing is a premier resource for Canadian French books. Our FSL resources can be found in high schools and elementary schools across Canada. RK Publishing resources help teachers facilitate student learning and easily master the conversational skills required by the new FSL Curriculum.

We have resources for French Immersion students, Core French AND the Applied FSL learner adapting learning skills to student’s French level. Teachers are offered multiple teaching resources for their classroom. Beginning with the CEFR —Scenarios for an Action Oriented Classroom, teachers are given a roadmap for teaching French in a manner that is internationally recognized and standardized around the world.

French as a Second Language is offered on-line, through DVD’s, readers, and texts. With a mixture of speaking, reading, listening and writing French activities, lead by French teachers across the country, students become engaged learners, who can build on their FSL language skills.