RK Publishing’s raison d’être is to promote French as a Second Language literacy and bilingualism for Grades K-12 students.

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Je lis, je lis, littératie!

In difficult times, RK Publishing is here to support our Canadian teachers and students.

Though classes may not be in session due to COVID-19, you can keep students learning and loving French with Je lis ! We invite you to journey to fictional story lands and explore non-fiction topics with inquiring minds, through texts that are designed specifically for Canadian French Immersion students, Je lis is also appropriate for all FSL students. Keep your students learning and engaged in meaningful reading with a selection of 206 precisely LEVELLED Readers with audio.

RK Publishing is proud to offer you access to Je lis, je lis, littératie ! ONLINE - FREE
NOTE: This offer is only available to Public and Separate Schools, and School Boards

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  • Unrestricted access until June 30 2020
  • 206 readers, levelled 1-30
  • 2 classes each with 30 students

Used widely across the country by school boards, Je lis online books guide children page by page, with optional audio, highlighting the words as they are read. The student can control the speed at which words are read and easily re-read at their own pace.

The Readers are colourful, engaging and fun, exploring topics such as friendship, bullying, personal safety, cultural diversity, nature, STEM and even dinosaurs! Each book also includes several discussion questions with ideas for critical thinking and relating to the text by a simple push of a button. Just click the exclamation point icons throughout each book to make a lovable (and iconically Canadian!) beaver appear on screen. He poses questions and presents opportunities to turn a reader into a speaker and a writer.

Learning French as a Second Language is easy with RK Publishing resources

RK Publishing is a premier resource for Canadian French books. Our FSL resources can be found in high schools and elementary schools across Canada. RK Publishing resources help teachers facilitate student learning and easily master the conversational skills required by the new FSL Curriculum.

We have resources for French Immersion students, Core French AND the Applied FSL learner adapting learning skills to student’s French level. Teachers are offered multiple teaching resources for their classroom. Beginning with the CEFR —Scenarios for an Action Oriented Classroom, teachers are given a roadmap for teaching French in a manner that is internationally recognized and standardized around the world.

French as a Second Language is offered on-line, through DVD’s, readers, and texts. With a mixture of speaking, reading, listening and writing French activities, lead by French teachers across the country, students become engaged learners, who can build on their FSL language skills.