Je lis, je lis, littératie !

K–6 Comprehensive Literacy Resource
for French Immersion

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Je lis ! Online

Students listen and read along to stories online
in French and get rewarded for their progress!

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New Features coming to Je lis ! Online in 2023

  • Games Room: featuring interactive vocabulary building and word skill activities
  • Increased Flexibility: when assigning readers to individuals and groups
  • Improved Administration Functions: for student progress tracking, importing and exporting class lists, and licence management
  • Inside Front and Back Covers: guided-reading notes and Je Peux statements
  • Reinforcement Exercises: 400+ reproducible pages (Premium Licence feature) added in Fall '22
  • User Experience: redesigned for greater student engagement

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Je lis! Print Readers

Online Licences
Student Portal
Tactile Components

Je lis, je lis, littératie !
Online Audio Reading Resource Offers:

206 fiction and non-fiction texts. Ideal for classroom listening/reading centres and at home reading.

Appropriate for Shared, Guided and Independent Reading.

Includes Math, Science, Social Studies and STEM topics.

Basic Je lis! Online Licence has accompanying Teacher's Guides with Before, During and After-Reading activities and includes teacher prompts for Comprehension Questions, Key Vocabulary, High-Frequency Words, & Cross-Curricular Connections.

Basic Je lis! Online Licence has Audio Recording Tool is Ideal for remote and in-person teaching and evaluation.

Premium Je lis! Online Licence includes Benchmark Kits & All Basic Licence Features. Sixty (60) additional readers/extracts specifically prepared for Canadian students, reserved for assessment and evaluation.


Je lis, je lis, littératie!
Online Student Portal Offers:

Access to 206 fiction and non-fiction texts (as assigned by the teacher).

Online texts are accompanied by audio that students can play at varying speeds to enhance comprehension and pronunciation.

Students are exposed to a variety of subject matter including Math, Science and Social Studies.

Students listen and read along to stories online in French and are awarded by their teacher for their progress!

Audio Recording Tool enables students to record their voices reading texts aloud - independently in class or from home - allowing for physically-distanced evaluation of student progress.

Sixty (60) additional readers/extracts are specifically prepared for Canadian students, reserved for assessment and evaluation (as assigned by the teacher).


Je lis, je lis, littératie!
Print Components:

206 readers with...
  • Current graphics
  • Canadian culture
  • Aboriginal inclusion
  • Canadian beaver for teacher prompts

On the inside front cover of each reader there is...
  • Text type
  • Integration of subjects
  • Language structure
  • High frequency words
  • Sounds
  • Discussion questions
On the inside back cover, each reader follows the CEFR metacognition

Each reader has its own teacher resource and reinforcement exercises
The Benchmark Kit with...
  • Specific test readers (readers that are different from the set)
  • Running records
  • Comprehension exercises

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Our goal is to support you with integrative solutions in French immersion literacy.
Whether in-class, online or hybrid, Je lis! is the answer to your French reading resource needs.
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